#52: Stupid in California, or, How Excess and Environmentalists Caused The Drought

In this episode of Next Level BS, we take a look at the latest "drought to end all droughts" in California. While many are quick to blame crops that require excessive irrigation, or environmental policies that divert billions of gallons of water because of a small fish, it’s not the whole story. There are dozens of rich communities, scattered throughout California, that consume more than four-times the water than the average US household outside of drought regions. One such community, with less than 20,000 people, uses nearly 8 million gallons of water each day! And that’s just residential use, it doesn’t factor in the four golf courses. The ultra-rich in California believe their rights to water are more important than everyone else’s. This is our final episode of our second season, and we’re taking a short break. Watch to the end for a big announcement.

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#52: Stupid in California, or, How Excess and Environmentalists Caused The Drought
In this episode of Next Level BS, we take a look at the latest "drought to end all droughts" in California. While many are quick to blame crops that require excessive irrigation, or environmental policies that divert billions of gallons of water because of a small fish, it’s not the whole story. There are dozens of rich communities, scattered throughout California, that consume more than four-times the water than the average US household outside of drought regions. One such community, with less than 20,000 people, uses nearly 8 million gallons of water each day! And that’s just residential use, it doesn’t factor in the four golf courses. The ultra-rich in California believe their rights to water are more important than everyone else’s. This is our final episode of our second season, and we’re taking a short break. Watch to the end for a big announcement.
#51: With Rachel Dolezal, Orange Is The New Black
We've all heard of a few journalists plagiarizing the work of others, making up key sources, faking interviews, and fabricating research. We've also heard of people making up key education credentials and experience in their professional bios and resumes. Now, we have a person, Rachel Dolezal, who has been faking her race for political, financial, and professional gain. That's right, Rachel Dolezal, born as a blonde-haired freckle-faced girl, has been passing herself off as a black woman, thanks to strategic use of spray-tan and "ethnic" hair styles. Using her new identity as a black woman, she received scholarships, teaching positions, and even a leadership role in the NAACP. This one can't be missed.
#50: The Strong Sight Program, Where The BS is Strong
Today, with our landmark 50th episode, we follow another viewer submission and take a close look at the Strong Sight Program, supposedly developer by a Dr. Benjamin Miller. Dr. Miller claims that the eye-care industry tried to pay him half a million dollars to keep secret, his method of improving eyesight. Never mind that we couldn't find Dr. Miller, or that stock photography has been used instead of an actual photo of himself, there's another doctor claiming Miller stole the eyesight improvement method from him! It gets even more weird as both methods are based on complete BS from the 1920's, and have been repeatedly proven ineffective in improving the quality of vision. Just like the Memory Healer Program, another scam falls by the wayside.
#49: Louisiana is the Prison Capital of the US. Because; Money!
Today's NLBS was inspired by the ridiculously over-the-top reaction of Louisiana law enforcement to an eight-grader throwing Skittles on a school bus. It didn't take long to discover that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation, at nearly double the national average, and five-times that of Iran (per capita). It wasn't always this way. In fact, the incarceration rate has doubled since the 1990's when the Prison Industrial Complex became involved in for-profit prisons. But that's not the only reason. You'll be dismayed, shocked, angered, and maybe not all that surprised when you discover who is profiting from keeping as many people behind bars as possible.
#48: The United States Is Not, And Never Was, A Christian Nation
Given the recent increased in religiously-inspired rhetoric in the election season ramp-up, and the various pundits and politicians adamantly stating the US is a "Christian Nation," we decided to dig into this particularly sensitive pile of BS. Because to us, the BS seems rather intense that a nation could go from it's founding fathers sending threatening letters to early faith-based local governments, to Presidents and Senators claiming Christian Nation status. We find the origins of the claim, and it might all come down to the placement of a comma in an historic speech.
#47: The Real Reason College is Expensive: Wall Street BS
This week we follow the lead of one of our avid viewers, and take a deep look into his concerns about the serious BS happening in the University of California system, which is happening all over the country. It turns out that the rising cost of college tuition is not because of the rising cost of educating students; it's because of Wall Street bankers. We outline collusion, conflicts of interest, and outright fraud in the ridiculously bloated University of California system that is the direct cause of higher and higher tuition. Wall Street is profiting on both sides of the higher-education ecosystem through risky investment vehicles for the Universities that drive up tuition, and bigger student loans that are required for the higher tuition they've caused.
#46: The Madness Of Helicopter Parents Versus Free Range Parents
Today on Next Level BS, we take a look at how helicopter parents are not just being insanely smothering of their own kids, they expect society to be overly protective of all kids, everywhere. A recent situation in Maryland, highlights the insanity, where the local police literally abducted a couple's kids, for hours and without notification, because they were simply walking home from the park, alone. "Stranger Danger" now applies to police officers, because we show why it's more dangerous for kids to be in the custody of Child Protective Services, than walking alone on a residential street.
#45: The Death of America, by Billions of Cuts of Stupidity
America, and to some extend the world, is dying a slow agonizing death of billions of cuts of stupidity. This week, we take a look at some examples of the confounding rise of stupidity in the United States. While each one may only effect a relatively small number of people, collectively it all combines to be the death of a nation. It didn't always used to be this way, and we look at what Charles Pierce wrote in his book, "Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in The Land of The Free." We also explain why there was no episode last week.
#44: Taking a Look at Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration BS
Today we couldn't resist sinking our teeth into the multi-layered BS coming out of Indiana, after Governor Mike Pence signed their Religions Freedom Restoration Act into law. The resulting storm of mainstream media exaggerations, social media indignation and religious-right celebrations is nothing short of epic. The law doesn't make it legal for bigots to discriminate against people, but enables those people to use their religion as defense when they do. We take a close look at the law, the history of what brought it all about, and even examine a significant group of people this law can't protect. Grab your hip-waders and follow along, the BS is deep with this one.
#43: Israel Was Spying On The US Nuclear Talks With Iran
In this episode we take a look at the Next Level BS spilling out all over the place in connection with the news that Israel was spying on the United States' efforts in the nuclear negotiations with Iran. While we might call for prosecution of those senators involved under the espionage act, the sad truth is that the government tends to favor people who reveal secrets, as long as they have powerful political friends. We also look at the false indignation over the Obama administration's so-called "secret" negotiations. It's always been that way, and we always suck at it.
#42: Bad USB Security Risks In The Wild and The NSA
This episode of Next Level BS is inspired by Apple's shiny new Retina MacBook, with it's singular USB 3c port for everything from power to your camera. That's right, one port that requires an $80 dongle to connect anything other than your power cord. And as it turns out, it's one very unsecured port with known exploits already out in the wild. Exploits that can expose all your data, and take over complete control of your computer. So we asked ourselves, haven't we heard something about USB exploits before? Yes we did. "Advanced Network Technology" a division of the NSA’s "Tailored Access Operations" has a catalog full of scary tools for the hacker spy, USB exploits included.
#41: The 47 Republican "Traitors" And Their Letter to Iran
This week, on Next Level BS, we take a look at the perilous insanity going on in Washington, DC. Specifically, the lunacy around demanding that the 47 Republican Senators who authored a ridiculous letter to Iranian leaders, be prosecuted under the Logan Act. Never mind that nobody, from Ted Kennedy to Barack Obama, has ever been prosecuted under the Logan Act, that's far from the worst of the fallout from this act of supreme stupidity. If this doesn't get the American voters fed up with the intensely dysfunctional government in DC - on both sides of the fence - then we have no idea what will.
#40: President Obama Won't Say Radical Islam; We Have A More Accurate Alternative: Weaponized Islam
This week, we take an in-depth look into one of last century's biggest, right-under-your-nose conspiracies. Beginning with President Obama's tap-dance around no-nonsense terminology when it comes to violent, extremist Muslims, we follow-through with some important history. We start with Saudi Arabia's critical partnership with the US during World War II, we take some steps through the events of the 1970's and 1980's. It's there, in that history, that we find the new term Obama should use as a more accurate alternative to Radical Islam. We think you'll agree.
#39: Christians Against Dinosaurs and the Dinosaur Hoax
Christians Against Dinosaurs released a series of rather absurd videos over the past few weeks, and some went viral. Filled with science-denying claims and pigheaded arguments, the videos made absurd claims such as; the largest of dinosaurs, sauropods, could never have existed because of their size and dietary needs. While many are passing these videos off as some kind of over-the-top satire, the Christians Against Dinosaurs website presents itself as a real Christian ministry. However, they're not the first to go to extreme efforts to argue the point that dinosaurs are a hoax created by paleontologists. There's a significant number of very serious people, posting articles and videos online, who argue that dinosaurs never existed. We take a look at some of the more significant claims, as well as some of the history of real dinosaur hoaxes.
#38: Water Fluoridation, The Facts, The Conspiracies, and the Reality
We finally did it, we took a very common user request, water fluoridation, and sunk in our teeth (no pun intended) deep into the issues (okay, that was a pun). Of all the topics we looked at, this one is surrounded by an extraordinarily high level of wild histrionics, bizarre pseudo-science, obvious agendas, and outright lies that parrot often decades-old misconceptions. This was a tough one, our toughest yet, and involved nearly continues research since we turned off the camera after show 37. It's certianly clear that there are verified and important dental health benefits that result from drinking fluoridated water. But it's also painfully clear that no other topic has been so heavily influenced by disinformation and distortion; from both sides of the issue. As you'll see, we didn't take the easy road, and in fact, modified our conclusions mere hours before shooting the show.
#37: The Trans Pacific Partnership, a Corporate Takeover of US Trade Policy
Since just about episode one, the most common user-requested issue has been the super-secret Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. It's a gigantic trade, legal, and financial agreement between the United States and 11 other Pacific-facing countries, currently under negotiations driven by the Office of the US Trade Representative. There's actually very little known about the very broad and secretly negotiated deal because of the Fast Track Trade Authority given to the President by Congress. But what we do know isn't just alarming, it's another apparently successful tactic in the corporate takeover of the US and other governments.
#36: The Authoritarian New World Order Starts in The UK, and it Started Last Year!
An avid viewer, Sam Leigh in the UK, sent us a video outlining some draconian new policies in the UK. It certainly sounded compelling, if not a bit over the top. So, when we began our research, we thought, "There's no way this is actually happening." Sure enough, the our early research, it looked like the issue may have been based on some misconstrued news of a discontinued program. Thankfully, we didn't stop digging. It turns out that the policies and authorities of that apparently discontinued program were integrated into the UK's Border System Programme, and nicely combined with the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act. That's when we soiled our pants. Seriously. We take you through what happened, how it nearly also came to pass here in the USA, and then we check in with Sam for some follow-up comments. This is one where we're not going to say, "enjoy!"
#35: The Anti-Vaccination Movement and the Recent Measles Outbreak
Last week, our episode on the supposed EMF Sensitivity Syndrome inspired some hate from many of our viewers, so for today's episode, we decided cover something "less controversial," the crazy Anti-Vaccination Movement. Following the outbreak of measles in California, and the ensuing outbreak in Arizona reaching critical levels, the anti-vaccination movement is being blamed, and for lots of really good reasons. We dig into the misinformation, deception, and outright lies at the center of this movement, including the supposed CDC whistleblower of a few months ago. And for good measure, we also look at the pharmaceutical industrial complex, otherwise known as Big Pharma, as an influencing factor in why some parents are opting out of vaccinations.
#34: EMF Sensitivity Syndrome Is Nothing But Junk Science and Misinformation
Today we tackle another viewer request, are remedies for EMF Sensitivity in humans complete BS? We took a deep dive into the claims by those in the EMF sensitivity business, and that it causes everything from headaches to acute fibromyalgia. Then we actually look at real science and how electro magnetic fields may have an effect on humans, as well as a couple of the incredibly high-priced remedies. Needless to say, there's not much actual science out there, that supports the notion that non-ionizing EMF has any effect on humans.
#33: David Cameron Vows to End Privacy in Exchange for Security
Today we deconstruct the madness coming out of the UK in David Cameron's response to the attacks in France. He has vowed to outlaw the public use of all encryption technologies, if he is reelected in the coming general election. The proposal is astonishingly broad and far reaching; outlawing secure communications and potentially even restricting encrypted passwords! To make matters worse, we conclusively show how this will have no effect on the ability thwart terrorism. It's clearly just a pretext to legalize additional monitoring on law abiding citizens.
#32: The Memory Healer Program, is it all BS?
For this episode, we followed the lead of an email we received from one of our views. He asked us to take a close look at the "Memory Healer Program," which is an apparent dietary regimen that supposed to stave off the effects of Alzheimer's disease. This "program," is surrounded by a great deal of marketing hype, including lots of artificial reviews, videos, and a slew of sites that mimic a multilevel marketing scheme. We dig into the claims of the programs creators, and compare those with actual science that recently came out of the Yale University of Medicine.
#31: We See Shape Shifting Reptilian Humans Everywhere!
Today we take a look at one of the more recently popularized conspiracy theories, thanks to YouTube, human/reptilian hybrids accidentally revealing themselves in videos. The idea of hybrid reptilians in positions of power was first popularized by David Icke in 1999. But recently, people have been taking to YouTube to find all kinds of people from politicians to news casters apparently briefly revealing their true reptilian nature. We take a look at the back story to this phenomenon, and then break down what we're actually seeing in those videos. Enjoy this one!
#30: The Top Ten Steaming Turds of 2014
That's right, we're playing copy-cat and doing our own year-end wrap up video just like everyone else. Except in our case, we're counting down what we see to be the top 10 BS stories from 2014. We're doing this to give everyone that nice warm fuzzy feeling from looking back on another year, as we head into a new year with new optimism and hope for the future. I think I just threw-up in my mouth when I typed that. Number 10 is one of the BS ways the media tries to scare you with bombastic terminology, 9 covers corporate screw-ups, 8 is an epic-BS politician, and it goes downhill fast from there. Enjoy, and we'll see you next year.
#29: Police Officer Caught with Five Pounds of Pot: No Charges
Today we take a close look at a confusing incident in California, as K9 officer Joe Avila was found with five points of marijuana that should be in the evidence lock-up. Local authorities are not filing charges, preferring to put officer Avila on paid administrative leave. The problem is, this double standard for police officers is a significant part of whatapos;s causing intense frustration with law enforcement across the country. We compare the insanely light slap on the wrist he received with other insanely disproportionate sentences for nonviolent marijuana offenders. One of which is a sob-story from Arizona where civil asset forfeiture is ruining the life of a man licensed to cultivate marijuana.
#28: Detoxing Cleanses Don't Do Anything For You
After a long flu-induced hiatus, we're finally back with a new episode about the hype and BS surrounding the pseudo-science of detoxing cleanses. You know, those seven or fifteen day regimens of usually foul-tasting juice concoctions and limited calories, typically promoted by self-absorbed hipsters. We uncover the deception going on with the purveyors of this silliness, and show you how your body actually gets rid of toxins. This is truly a first-world non-problem, thought up by people with nothing better to do than obsess about their narcissism.
#27: NASA Never Spent One Million Dollars on a Pen, and more BS Misconceptions
We've been running at an intense pace with some rather intense topics over the past few episodes, so it's a perfect time to lighten things up and take a look at a few BS misconceptions that lots of people still hold to be true. For example, NASA never spent one million dollars developing a pen that would write in space. Also, the notion that eating carrots improves your eyesight is actually the result of a government misinformation campaign that worked. Watch the episode for more.
#26: Eric Garner's Death, and the Hypocrisy of the NYPD's Broken Windows Policing
With all the media hype surrounding the Staten Island Grand Jury's decision not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the strangulation death of Eric Garner, we wondered if there was anything we could add. After a deeper look, there most certainly is! Many have cited the NYPD's Broken Windows Policing policies and the fact that Eric Garner was supposedly selling loosie cigarettes as a lame rationale for the confrontation. Not only did we discover that a detailed 8-year old study has proven that Broken Windows Policing doesn't work, but also that the NYPD selectively applies when and where they do it. And if that wasn't enough, we found officer Daniel Pantaleo smiling and waving at the camera, just minutes after he killed Eric Garner.
#25: The McMass Project Wants to Open a McDonalds in a Church
Today on Next Level BS we take a look an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign aimed at opening a McDonalds franchise in a church. Yes, that's right, the McMass Project is trying to raise one million dollars in the hopes that having a McDonalds restaurant in a church will help improve attendance. While that sounds ridiculous, we did find one church who used a similar concept, but in a very different way to actually help the community. And we also take a look at how the big fast-food chain strategy is already in place at many churches, which many think is a significant factor in declining attendance.
#24: Decades of Institutionalized Racism Set The Stage for Ferguson
We started a typical, isn't this all terrible, send up of the rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, and found ourselves taking a turn down history instead. While the actions of a small percentage opportunists creating the imagery being gobbled up by mainstream media is most certainly abhorrent, it's very clearly history repeating. So we took a look at the history, and found that there are important details that people need to know. The intense frustration is deep, and has clearly identifiable influences throughout history.
#23: Shut Up Scientists, Go Home, You're Not Wanted
Today on Next Level BS we take a look at two bills, HR 1422 and HR 4012, designed to suppress science in government. No, seriously, we're not kidding or exaggerating. The intent of both bills is to prevent expert scientists from using their experience and accumulated knowledge when working for or with the Environmental Protection Agency, while opening the door for non-science industry experts. Watch the show to learn more, and discover the motivations behind these bills.
#22: Jonathan Gruber Takes The Heat for Obama Care over Stupid Voters Comments
Today on Next Level BS, we take a look at the mess caused by Jonathan Gruber's comments about Obama Care, how it was purposefully crafted to be obtuse, deceptive, and onerous; as well as the off-the-cuff comment heard around the world: American Voters are Stupid. We take our typical deep-dive into the issue, with tons of research and backup for every important point we discovered. If you care about government transparency, the Affordable Care Act, and the nature of Jonathan Gruber's comments, you won't want to miss this episode. And yeah, this is another episode where we expect some serious heat from the political jug-heads out there, we'll let you decide from which side of the fence it'll come.
#21: Evil Monsanto, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GMO's
Today on Next Level BS, we take great care to find as many people to piss off as possible, as we take a close look Monsanto's lawsuit against Maui. Less than 50,000 voters approved a measure to would halt GMO research and crops on Maui for two years. But Monsanto sued and received a temporary injunction, allowing GMO planing and research to continue. We discover some alarming politically motivated hypocrisy in this issue, that is oddly similar to the global warming debate: except that the logic is flipped! Imagine that. And while the proponents of the measure point to the potential for health issues in kids, they allow much more serious activities, that have proven to cause health problems, to continue.
#20: Alex Jones Gets It Wrong on Net Neutrality
We go back into op-ed mode, covering Net Neutrality again. We can't help it, this issue is important, and after seeing Alex Jones' hyper-passionate video on Net Neutrality, it seemed necessary to correct what appears to be a great deal of misinformation. Alex Jones lumped himself into the deceptive Republican came by calling Net Neutrality, Obama Care for the Internet. Now, we don't like Obama Care, but damn well like the Internet, and that comparison is just wrong. So we break down Alex's video, and help to correct several points. And to be fair, we include just about all of his video so that there's nothing lost in context. We want to like Alex Jones, he's an influential voice in some circles, hopefully, this helps bring facts and accuracy back into the conversation.
#19: Net Neutrality, Ted Cruz, and Obamacare
Today on Next Level BS, we take a look at Ted Cruz's recent comments -- or lies -- regarding Net Neutrality. Following on the heels of Obama's apparent attempt to stay relevant with his YouTube proclamation on Net Neutrality, Ted Cruz had to toss some BS into the fray via Twitter. Since the realities of Net Neutrality have become a politicized land mine, we step you through what it means in a real world scenario, and why Ted is wrong.
#18: Eminent Domain Abuse and Corruption: Because... Money!
In this episode of Next Level BS we take a look at two heart-wrenching cases of city governments abusing eminent domain, following the Kelo V New London ruling by the US Supreme Court. The ruling paved the way for cities to use eminent domain to grab private property, and turn it over to developers for things like shopping malls. And to make matters worse, the underhanded city governments are classifying perfectly fine neighborhoods and homes as blight in order to decrease property values in an extortion scheme to get the homeowners to agree to pennies on the dollar. This is turning into a huge problem, as corrupt city governments are in collusion with developers, eyeballing suburban neighborhoods for redevelopment.
#17: The American Republic is Dead; Welcome to the New Feudal America
On the morning after the national midterm election, this episode of Next Level BS is more of an OpEd than our previous episodes. We're not bleeding heart liberal hand-wringers lamenting over the bloodbath, no, far from it. We'd put this episode out even if it was a Republican bloodbath. We see the 2014 midterm election as the final step in the death of the American democratic republic, and maturation of the new American Feudal System. The people in DC are no longer decided by the voters, instead, powerful billionaire oligarchs serve as feudal lords, picking their favored knights to appear in the jousting matches in DC.
#16: Election Fraud in the United States, with Brad Friedman of the BradBlog
We kick of season two of Next Level BS with an enlightening interview with celebrated investigative journalist, Brad Friedman. Brad has been focusing his efforts on all aspects of election fraud for over a decade, and has been called the Paul Revere of the election integrity fight. We get into some of the fraud over the past few voting cycles, then focus on what's happening with rampant attempts at vote suppression leading up to the 2014 midterm elections. Brad holds no punches, and walks through the details of a wide ranging Republican effort to stop vast segments of the population from voting -- including why strict Voter ID laws are BS. Conservatives may not enjoy this episode, but the facts are facts, and that's our focus.

Visit the BradBlog for more election fraud information
#15: How State Governments are Planning to Kill Tesla Motors Innovation
Today, on Next Level BS, we look at how states in the US are systematically passing hardened laws to prevent the sale of Tesla Motors vehicles in their states. The most recent, from Michigan, was done in the most insidious way -- yeah, that's right; the birthplace of the american car has banned the sale of an american car. We take a close look at the tactics being used by the National Auto Dealers Association and their state counterparts, to collude with state governments to lock out Tesla. It's nothing short of Government-Sponsored support of a Monopoly -- no surprise there. This is also the last episode of our first season.
#14: Dark Money Madness in the 2014 Midterm Campaigns
This week we take a deep dive into the insane amounts of dark money being spent on the behalf of both parties in the 2014 midterm campaigns. 2014 will be a bellwether year with over $4 billion spent in total, and over $1 billion spent just on advertising alone... beating all records from previous years. Most of that money is going into political attack ads with a huge 64% of all ads focusing on anger as the primary emotional appeal. Also, we single out four television ads as examples of the outright lies being put on the airwaves by these dark money groups.

Leslie Rutledge likes dark money now
Kentucky Opportunity Coalition
New anti-Rounds ad from Democrat-leaning Super PAC
Progressive Dark Money Group Blames GOP for Ebola Deaths
#13: Good Guy Tony Abbott, Paul Ryan on Climate Change, and Fangate!
Today on Next Level BS, we take a trip down under and visit that great guy PM, Tony Abbott. You see, Tony Abbott is terribly misunderstood. While being a self-described conservationist, he's reversing efforts to promote green/renewable energy in favor of coal. While that might seem terrible, we show you how he's actually being a good guy about it. Then we take a look at Paul Ryan, and his comments on human-initiated climate change during a debate, and how a government agency disagrees with him. And finally, the Florida Fangate. Enjoy.

Department of Defense Report on Global Warming
#12: The Pandemic of Ebola Madness
Today on Next Level BS, we cover the number one public health crisis in the united states today, the mind-eating virus of Ebola Madness. The mainstream media is falling all over themselves hyping and sensationalizing every excruciatingly unimportant aspect of the Ebola crisis, while barely touching on facts or reality. In fact, we catch one major news network purposefully creating deceptive and dangerously incorrect headlines. And of course, there's a motivation, money. We show how the Pandemic of Ebola Madness could be a well-orchestrated script, for whom, and for what. DISCLAIMER We know Ebola is serious, we're not making light of the tragic deaths itapos;s causing, but because this is important, weapos;re pointing out hypocrisy and deception.
#11: The Overly Aggressive Hammond, Indiana Police Department
In this episode of Next Level BS, we focus exclusively on the seat belt stop heard around the world. We're talking about Hammond Police officers, Leutenant Vicari and Sergent Turner, stopping Lisa Mahone for a seat belt violation and demanding passenger Jamal Jones produce identification. The police officers demand, without giving cause, that Jamal exit the vehicle. Jamal said that he didn't want to, and that he was afraid of the overly aggressive posture of the police, from a simple seat belt violation stop. So the police smash the passenger side window, and drag Jamal from the car. We cover all the angles of the incident, and also reveal how the Hammond Police department might be one of the most overtly aggressive in the country. But we have a surprise interview, and an even more surprise ending. So keep with this longer than normal video from us, it's worth the wait.
#10: The War On Drugs, the Stupidity of Public Schools, and more amazing stupid...
Today, on Next Level BS, we tackle the astounding madness of the War on Drugs, with a full-spectrum look at the epic stupid. We show how Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, refused to do the one thing that would really help. The involvement of western banks, crazy drug laws, corrupt law enforcement, and the US Government's collusion in the drug trade are all covered. It's an epic ride We also look at confounding stupid in the Washington school system, and some cringe-inducing stupid from a Dallas newspaper. Enjoy
#9: UK Anti-Extremist Crack Down, Islamic Atrocities, and the FBI is Sad.
Today, on Next Level BS, we take a hard and detailed look at new Extremist Disruption Orders the Tories claim will be put into law if they win the upcoming general election in the UK. Calling these new laws draconian is an extreme understatement. We walk you though key aspects of how these laws use the excuse of clamping down on ISIS, as a pretext to silence nearly all dissent. Because these laws invoke ISIS as the catalyst, we take a detailed look at some of the recent atrocities by Islamic extremists. Finally, keeping in a theme here, we show you how the FBI wants to treat every American citizen as a potential criminal, and how they feel that merely being concerned about privacy is placing ourselves beyond the law. Enjoy Or not, this episode has some pretty scary stuff.
#8: iStock Republicans, Inept Obama Administration, Gluten Madness, and more...
In this episode we share the pain across both republicans and democrats. First we take a look at the new Republicans Are People Too grass roots viral feel-good campaign and show the disingenuous way in which it was produced. Then we take Obama and his inept administration to task over his comments about ISIS in his recent interview on 60 Minutes. Next we stick with the Obama administration and the epic waste associated with their bombing of ISIS targets. Finally, we close with a look a the stupid associated with Gluten-Free foods. Enjoy
#7: Open Carry Nuts, Revenge Porn, Stupid Millennials, and more...
Today we take a look at the apparently increasing trend of lunatics advocating their right to open carry firearms, by open carrying in insanely stupid places. The recent open cary insanity comes from Leonard Embody of Tennessee, as well as more crazy in Phoenix. Next, would you believe that evangelical christians believe they are the most persecuted demographic group in the United States Yup, it's true. We also cover Arizona's next-level stupidity with new laws designed to put a stop to revenge porn, incredibly clueless Millennials, and stupid from all angles over another cop-stop YouTube video.
#6: Global Warming, SWAT Raid over Tweets, Texas School Textbooks, and more...
Our sixth episode tones things down a bit, and focuses on a topic on which we can all agree Global Warming We take a look at the climate change protest that went on in New York City a couple days ago, and expose lots of hypocrisy in the process. We also take a look at the unbelievable events of someone being raided by a SWAT team over impolite Tweets in Peoria, Illinois. Texas continues to define the idea that everything is bigger in Texas, especially the STUPID when it comes to education. Also, the Satanist Black Mass in Oklahoma City was the source for some prime and hilarious Next Level BS. And yeah, we know some of you prefer the term climate change over global warming, we just like screwing with you.
#5: Why The Apple Watch Sucks, Lying Democrats, and more...
In this episode we break tradition and take focus on the insane consumerism, hype, and outright BS of Apple. This week, in typical superhype fashion, complete with a breathless media spewing for countless rumor stories, Apple announced it's new phones, new version of iOS, and the Apple Watch formerly called the iWatch. We don't fall for any of the hype, and show you exactly what's going on. We also take a look at how politicians have sold out to big corporations again, and how Senate democrats are lying by omitting important facts from their reelection promises.
#4: Citizens United Upheld, Sharia Law in the US, Facebook Idiots, and more...
Today we lead off with the horrifying news that the 2010 Supreme Court decision giving corporations personhood and the ability to spend unchecked amounts of money on political campaigns, remains in place. Despite voters overwhelmingly in favor of an amendment to overturn the decision, the Senate voted it down. We also take a look at a disturbing story out of Pennsylvania, that could easily be something about Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. And because it's easy, we pick on Facebook users again.
Next Level BS Exclusive: Kahler Nygard Interview on his TSA Harassment in Denver
Our third episode is an exclusive interview with Kahler Nygard, getting the full story on the video he posted last week, showing some startling TSA harassment after he landed in the Denver International Airport. TSA agent Alex Grossman demanded that Kahler go through additional screening of his person and luggage, upon arrival in Denver. The mainstream media has continually distorted this story, doing everything from labeling Kahler as a suspected Somali terrorist, to trying to defend the TSA by implying Kahler didn't get complete screening at this departure airport in Minneapolis. Next Level BS get's the story straight from Kahler Nygard himself.
#2: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, From a Journalist's Point of View
On this, the thirteenth anniversary of the attacks on 9/11, we tone things down just a bit with an exclusive interview with acclaimed broadcast investigative journalist, George Knapp. Being no stranger to all types of government conspiracies and coverups, while also being a highly award-winning investigator, George provides a unique and seldom heard perspective on 9/11 conspiracy theories. We close the video with some powerful, rarely-seen footage of the attack on the World Trace Center.
#1: Islamaphobia, Sovereign Citizens, Rewriting History, and more...
In this, our premier episode, we hit Islamaphobia head-on and show you how pundits on all sides; left, right, atheists, and christians are purposefully blaming radical Islam for suicide terrorism in an effort to hide or forget the truth. We also take a look at the Freeman on the Land or Sovereign Citizen movement that's been in the news lately, and apparently scaring Homeland Security. Two examples of overt attempts to revise history, one by a state and another by the feds, round out our full coverage on these three important topics. And a big important thanks to all those who suffered through our BETA period and provided your feedback. It helped.